You Can Now Subscribe To A Newsletter That Alerts You Of Daily Asteroid Flybys

Always considered yourself a connoisseur of cosmic debris? Interested in up-to-the-minute news of the latest asteroid sightings but not sure where to find it? Then this newsletter is for you.

The Daily Minor Planet, cleverly named after a combination of the fictional newspaper where Superman (Clark Kent) worked and the historical name for asteroids, is a real subscription news service that contains all the information you could possibly need to keep tabs on asteroids that whizz past the Earth on a near daily basis. Yeah, that happens.

Daily Minor Planet 1

"Most people don't realize how common asteroid flybys are," says Minor Planet Center director and Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics astronomer Matt Holman. "We want the Daily Minor Planet to educate readers in an entertaining way, so the next time they see a doom-and-gloom asteroid headline, they'll know where to go to find the facts."

A known asteroid passes within a few million miles of our planet almost every day, and the Daily Minor Planet plans to list the time and distance of its closest encounter. But for the days when a celestial flyby doesn't occur, the newsletter will focus on a newly discovered asteroid and highlight a spacey article from other press.

To get your asteroid fix for the day, you can subscribe to the newsletter on Minor Planet Center's website.