You Can Now Have Your Ashes Pressed Into A Working Vinyl Record!

Whether it's turning them into ammunition or using them to create dinnerware, you can do some pretty crazy things with ashes after cremation. For one company, the idea is to produce something truly memorable by pressing ashes into a working vinyl record.

cremated ashes vinyl

Founded in 2009 by Jason Leach, UK-based company Andvinyl has tapped into a market unlike any other to ensure love truly lasts.

"When the album that is life finally reaches the end wouldn't it be nice to keep that record spinning for eternity?" it reads on the company's website.

The best part is that you have the option to choose a song, record your own, or even have musicians hired through the company to produce an original song. Each disc also comes with standard artwork and labels that include the name and date of birth and death of you or your loved one.

This is not for light spenders, however. The "Basic Package" will run you about $4,000! Still, that includes 30 copies of the record, each containing pressed ashes. Plus, every record has 24 minutes to be filled.

Ashes not your style? The company even accepts body parts! Are you ready to "live on from beyond the groove?"