The World's First Underground Park Is Coming To New York City And It Looks BEAUTIFUL

New York City is no stranger to parks both big and small. And not soon enough, the bustling city will be become the home of the world's first underground park.

Lowline - Greenery

The Lowline, created by James Ramsey and Daniel Barasch, will be built in an abandoned subterranean trolley line, formerly the Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal, in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

"The Lowline represents an incredible fusion of technology and public space," said Alicia Glen, the city's deputy mayor for housing and economic development. "For eighty years, this underground space has sat idle. Now we’re putting it to use for the people of the Lower East Side and for all New Yorkers to enjoy. We can’t wait to see this experiment unfold."

The Lowline in New York City

A technical exhibition called the Lowline Lab is currently open to the public, as its being used to test lighting technology for growing plants under the ground, water collection systems, and ways to regulate temperature. The proposed solar technology involves the use of a "remote skylight" that allows sunlight to pass through a glass shield above a parabolic collector. Through the use of fiberoptic cables and mirrors, the reflected light can keep an acre of underground plants, tress, and grass alive all year.

Lowline - Dancing

Some of the plants will even be edible, including pineapples, mint, thyme, and strawberries. Animals and insects will call the new park home too.

By the looks of the popularity of the city's High Line, an aboveground park that stretches 1.45 miles along a historic freight rail line, the Lowline will be sure to be a huge hit among New Yorkers and tourists alike! The park is expected to be finished in 2021.