Watch Over 1,000 Robots Dance Their Way To Break A Guinness World Record

Robots are already being used to teach children how to program, load your dishwasher, and greet visitors and patients in hospitals, so dancing should be a feat that can be accomplished pretty easily. And just like that, over 1,000 of them did it. They even set a Guinness World Record - sorry humans.

Dancing Robots 2

Exactly 1,007 robots at China's Qingdao Beer Festival in Shandong danced their way in unison for a full minute. They crushed the previous record of only 540 synchronized dancing bots, held by Ubtech Robotics Corp., and still came out ahead even though 1,040 of them started the dance - some were disqualified for failing to dance or falling over halfway through the routine.

The QRC-2 robots, produced and programmed by Ever Win Company, measure just about 17 inches tall and were controlled by a single phone. They were even designed with special encryption technology to reduce radio frequency interference.

What could they possibly think of next? Here's to hoping for a group of singing robots! But first, watch these happy bots get their groove on.