Uber Is Making Moves On A Flying Car Project

In a typical ambitious fashion that we all should have seen coming, Uber just laid out plans to introduce flying cars.

The ride-hailing company has already made us rethink transportation with self-driving cars, and after posting a massive white paper outline, we're now very well aware of their "on-demand aviation" plan that they're calling "Uber Elevate."

"On-demand aviation, has the potential to radically improve urban mobility, giving people back time lost in their daily commutes," the company writes in the outline.

Uber Flying 3

If all works out as planned, the way we get from point A to point B will be drastically changed for the better. Uber theorizes, for example, that a two-hour-and-12-minute ride from San Francisco to San Jose would become a quick 15-minute ride by flying car.

So what exactly will these flying cars be like? A group of small, electric aircrafts that'll vertically lift off and land - picture a helicopter on steroids. And the best part? Uber promises their air transportation will be "even less expensive than owning a car."

Uber Flying 2

They'll just have to get other companies to jump on board and build the network of flying cars first.

"We believe the urban air transportation ecosystem will only be successful with the participation of entrepreneurial vehicle manufacturers, city and national officials from across the globe, regulators, users, and communities who will be keen to interact with one another to understand how the ecosystem can shape the future of on-demand urban air transportation," Uber writes.

The company plans to bring their wizardry to life by 2026.