This Tiny Horse Galloped Into A Classroom And Into The Hearts Of These Struggling Students

Around the country, volunteers are working each day to help children struggling with a disease, disabilities, and depression. Everyone wants to help, including a miniature horse named Fiona Fudge.

Fiona is a service horse that is a part of the Project Horse Mobile Minis Team that was started in 2008 by Darcey Woessner. The incredible mission comforts children with special needs and depression. Recently, the adorable horse galloped into Park View High School in Sterling, Virginia where she met with a group of children with special needs.

Lauren Kloman, the school's special needs teacher, was hesitant about how students would react to the mini guest. Sure enough, the students were calm and welcomed Fiona with their amazing hearts! An instant connection happened in that classroom. Kloman told local reporters that now her students are “more competent” and work better as a team because of the experience.


One student told NBC that the program changed her life and it brought her peers “joy, lots of joy.”

“I seemed to open up a little more…I was able to cope with my anxiety better,” said Alumna Amber Pompell, a happy student and new friend of Fiona Fudge.

The experience is certainly creating change in the south. Meeting a horse, even a mini-horse, can be intimidating for some people. Such an event may seem trivial to animal lovers but it can truly be a monumental affair for a person who deals with anxiety.

Fiona could be the key to something special. Next time, when these students are faced with fear they may think back to Fiona and how they handled their experience with grace and love!