This Startup Will Ship You An Entire Farm In A 'Box'

We live in a time where you can have almost anything shipped and delivered to your door - clothes, food, mattresses, you name it. But there's one thing you probably haven't thought of - farms. The idea of having a shippable, sustainable farm is the brainchild of two men, who figured out a way to ship one in a "box."

Farm From A Box
Farm From A Box/Facebook

It all started in 2009 when agricultural entrepreneurs Brandi DeCarli and Scott Thompsonwere set out to Kisumu, Kenya to work on a youth center that called for shipping containers housing items and services to provide education, health, and sports. Flashforward a few years, and now the two have developed a solution they call the "Swiss-Army knife" of sustainable farming. This is the Farm from a Box.

No, the shipment doesn't just include piles of shovels, seeds, and dirt. In fact, the contents "can be narrowed down to an off-grid power system, a complete water system with a solar-powered pump and drip irrigation system, and connectivity," DeCarli told Smithsonian magazine. And it can feed 150 people a complete diet every year!

Each 2-acre unit can be customized with optional components tailored to your needs, whether you're using the farm for educational purposes at school, to offer farm-to-table food to businesses, or to create your own personal enterprise. And since it's unlikely that anyone can open the unit and know exactly what to do, a three-part training program is included too.

The price for a unit starts at $50,000 and increases depending on additions you may want. As for now, there's a prototype called "Adam" at a school in Sonoma County, California, but the company is headed for West Sacramento and Virginia next! Check out more in the video below!