This Scandinavian Herding Call Is The Most Enchanting And Haunting Thing You'll Ever Hear

Bet you've never seen a herd of cows react to a voice like this before.

Artist, photographer, and blogger Jonna Jinton sounds like she's mastered the skills of "Kulning," an ancient Scandinavian herding call, often performed by women, used to summon livestock from mountain pastures where they've been grazing away. It's also said that the captivating call may be used to scare off wolves, bears, and other vicious predators. What does it sound like? A sort of ornamented melodies at a particularly high pitch that's beautiful and definitely unforgettable.

While these cows don't exactly jump into a full-forced sprint at the sound of 26-year-old Jinton's voice, they're clearly more than intrigued.

"The cows came running and I loved the feeling… although they also took with them millions of tiny gnats and mosquitoes," Jontin wrote in a blog post. "But the feeling of getting to stand there and share a moment with the cows was unbeatable."

Watch the mystical moment below!