This Raindrop Is The Sweetest Treat You'll Ever Eat

Cake pops, cupcakes, mini cakes, rainbow cakes--it seems like trendy pastries are endlessly evolving into something new and un-cake-like.

Now there is the "Raindrop Cake."


This is defying the laws of mother nature by transforming spring water, agar, sugar syrup, and Kinako into a completely translucent cake.


The Raindrop Cake was created by baker Darren Wong, a Brooklyn baker with an eye for the unique. In its first weekend on sale, Wong sold out of all 700 Raindrop Cakes he made.

"We could have sold more but we are limited in our production capabilities at the moment," Wong says.

Each cake is $8.00 a piece--and all this baker wants is to bring a smile to your face when you try it. Now, that's sweet.