The US Government Is Spending $20 Million On Cheese To Tackle A Dairy Surplus

If there's one thing most Americans can all agree on at a time when political views are seemingly all anyone can talk about, it's our love for cheese. And the U.S. government is proving so with plans to buy $20 million worth of excess dairy gold.

The decision came to light after a meeting with dairy farmers at an event in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The purchase of about 11 million pounds of cheese will help cut back on a record surplus that's been troubling farmers this year and causing a plummet in prices. Dairy revenues have dropped 35 percent over the last two years, according to the USDA.

So what does the government plan on doing with this massive amount of cheese? The goal is to distribute it to food banks and other food assistance programs.

"While our analysis predicts the market will improve for these hardworking men and women, reducing the surplus can give them extra reassurance while also filling demand at food banks and other organizations that help our nation's families in need," said Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilscack.

Here's to millions of grilled cheese sandwiches and nachos!