The UK Government Is Cracking Down On Phone Use By Trying To Block Signals While Driving

Britain's Department of Transfer may soon be making the temptation to use your phone behind the wheel a lot more easier to overcome - by blocking the capability altogether.

"We are determined to crack down on mobile phone use at the wheel," said a spokesperson for the Department of Transport in a statement. "Our plans to double penalties for this serious crime should act as an incredibly strong deterrent. We will continue to explore what more can be done to tackle this crime."

Earlier this year, plans were made to double the fixed penalty for using a phone while driving to £200 (around $245) and increase the notice from three points to six.

The department is set to meet with handset manufacturers and network providers sometime in January to discuss finalizing the matter and crackdown on drivers, including "safe drive modes" and implementing GPS technology to block the ability to do things like make calls or send texts and emails once a certain speed is reached.

"We need a comprehensive package of actions to tackle the problem at every level, from the stronger penalties due next year, to tougher enforcement, combined with a greater focus on engaging drivers themselves on the issue in an effort to make them want to change their own behaviour – and in turn make our roads safer," said RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams.