The Sneaky Reason Why Airport Gates Are Carpeted

After checking in for your flight and getting through the nightmare that is airport security, you finally make it to your gate, you sit down, and then you sink into the closest seat in the carpeted gate. The natural light flooding in helps to make you feel calm before takeoff.

That’s why so many airports have installed carpeting in their gates. If passengers are feeling more relaxed and at ease, there’s a higher chance that they will explore the terminal and spend more money. Airport research company DKMA stated that satisfied passengers are twice as likely to shop and spend almost 7% more money on retail items and 10% more on duty-free items.

It’s enough of a boost in revenue to outweigh the obvious downside of carpeting. It is often more difficult to clean and slows down passengers with wheeled luggage. Though, it does provide a nice break from the sound of rolling luggage on the ground.

Other features of airport gates like lower ceilings, comfortable seating, and natural light all tie in with carpeting to allow passengers to remain calm before their flights and open up their wallets. Airport comfort is rapidly expanding, as some even have spas and yoga rooms to help pass the time during delays and layovers.