The Crazy Reason Fries Are The Healthiest Part Of Your Fast Food Meal

It's tough to resist the golden glow of a crispy potato chip. But when it's time to shimmy into a swimsuit, you usually dodge said chips like they're poison. Good news, fried food lovers: You can have your chips and your swimsuit, too. Fried foods aren't so terrible, according to a recent study in the journal Food Chemistry.

Ready for your world to be rocked? The antioxidant content of deep-fried potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, and eggplants is significantly higher than sautéed or boiled vegetables.

The same nutritionist logic that says you should add a fat source to your veggies (think: roasting with olive oil or using full-fat dressing) to boost your body's ability to absorb important vitamins like A, D, E, and K, says that when you dip vegetables into a deep fryer, you're actually making them healthier.


When vegetables are fried in a healthy fat (like olive oil), the hot oil unlocks the full nutrient potential within the veggies and infuses them with more nutrients than they started with.

But before you head to your closest fast food joint, note this: researchers aren't sure if this same logic can be applied to things like fried chicken, shrimp, or cheese curds. Since these foods tend to have a lower water content than veggies, it's unlikely they'll soak up as many nutrients (if any).