The Fastest Baby Was Just Crowned In The CUTEST Competition You'll EVER See!

How do you get a baby to win a race? Keys.

It only took 11 seconds for 10-month-old Kamilis Dambrauskas to crawl his way across the five-meter, carpeted in Lithuania's 17th annual baby racing competition held in Vilnius as part of a yearly celebration for International Children's Day. Beating out 25 other little humans, Dambrauskas was lured to victory by a set a shiny, noisy keys.

Baby Race - 2"We trained a lot at home. We looked for what he reacts to best, and decided to use jangling keys to lure him", said Irena, mother of Dambrauskas.

Other parents flashed things like food, balloons, bottles and stuffed animals. Some babies were too distracted and startled by the crowd to finish.

Check out a video of the race here!