Strongman Lifts Astounding 765 Pounds

King of the bench press Julius Maddox has set a new unofficial world record. Maddox did a raw bench press of 765 pounds nailing a smooth singular rep.

“The people who tried to bury me didn’t know I was a seed ‘Be Irregular,’” he captioned.

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In the Instagram video, he does one flawless bench press with three spotters nearby. Maddox said he “very rarely” lifts the weight off the bench himself, especially never at any lift over 315 pounds so he can retain tightness in his muscles.

Either side of the bar boasted eight different plates.

Maddox is the current world record holder for raw bench presses. He set his first record back in 2019 after completing a lift of 739.6 pounds. He beat his record again in November 2019 after completing a lift of 744.1 pounds in Austin, Texas.

In January 2020, he benched 755 pounds. These magnificent feats, however, do not count as official records because they were not performed at officially sanctioned events.

Maddox said that he is ultimately ramping up and training to bench 800 pounds. He said he hopes to obtain that goal in June 2020.