Salvador Dalí's Rare Surrealist Cookbook Has Been Re-Released

Call yourself a foodie and surreal art guru? Then feast your eyes on Salvador Dalí's re-released 1973 cookbook, Les Diners de Gala.

The mustachioed painter wasn't just a master with brushes, he was a serious foodie too. And it's all evidenced inside the rare and erotic 12-chapter, 136-recipe book with illustrations accompanying each one.

Salvador Dali 4

Two of the most bizarre include a toothbrush-tailed bird with a toothy human mouth and a biscuit-haired disembodied head and a fringe made of a jar of jam. In one chapter introduction, Dalí wrote "The specter of death creates supreme delights, salivary expectations, and this is why the greats of gastronomical refinements consists in eating ‘cooked and living beings.'"

Salvador Dali 5

"You’ll see looking through it how much of a cultural artifact it is," said spokeswoman for publisher Taschen. "Recipes from top chefs at French restaurants that are still pumping and serving today, beautiful artworks that were made explicitly for the book, and recipes that people will enjoy simply by reading or [if they are game!] challenge them in the kitchen."

Salvador Dali 3

The book is already set to be a Christmas bestseller, so get your hands on it for yourself and the whole family before it sells out again!