This Restaurant In Singapore Is Offering A One-Of-A-Kind Dining Experience For $2 Million

Still haven't figured out what to do with that $2 million you have lying around the house? Clear an eight-hour block from your schedule and grab a date, because this dinner for two is an experience unlike any other.

Singapore Dinner - Night

At Cé La Vi, a Singaporean eatery situated on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands hotel with an admission "to create unique experiences that stimulate the senses, elevate the spirit, amplify passion and fuel the Pursuit of Pleasure," the $2 million meal begins with a 45-minute helicopter ride over the city. Diners will also spend some time on a short luxury cruise and in a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce.

Hopefully all that riding around and sightseeing works up a hunger, because once diners arrive back at the restaurant, they're presented with 10,000 roses and an 18-course meal to be eaten with diamond-encrusted chopsticks engraved with their names. The meal includes quite the number of epic dishes, from delicacies like Almas caviar and Belon oysters to slow-cooked pigeon and New Zealand langoustine. And to drink? Only the finest vintage wines, of course.

Singapore Dinner - RingAfter the meal, which is serenaded by a private band, diner are presented with a 2.08-carat blue diamond ring with a rose-gold plated platinum band that World of Diamonds, who is partnering with Cé La Vi, named after actress Jane Seymour. Similar diamonds have been auctioned off at over $2 million.

Applications for the exclusive dining experience are currently open and those interested will be screened before a selection is made.