Researches Found 400-Year-Old Dentures Made Of Real Teeth

You probably won't find anyone around these days who can say they have a mouth full of someone else's teeth held together by gold. But someone about 400 years ago could have, because researchers in Italy just found their false chompers.

A team of Italian researchers found the 17th century dentures during a dig at a monastery in Tuscany. Where exactly? Inside the tomb of an extremely powerful aristocratic family. And that doesn't come as a surprise considering the false teeth were remarkably advanced for their time.

Dentures 1

The set of dentures includes five real teeth (central incisors and canines) secured together with an internal gold band and pins (two in each tooth's root).

"This dental prosthesis provides a unique finding of technologically advanced dentistry in this period," the researchers said. "In fact, during the Early Modern Age, some authors described gold band technology for the replacement of missing teeth; nevertheless, no direct evidences of these devices have been brought to light up so far."

You can find their work published in Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research.