Orlando Mother Spreads Cheer Through Sidewalk Illustrations

A local Florida mother has been taking to the sidewalks to spread some cheer and laughter in her community with the help of her children’s sidewalk chalk.

Casey Drake, a mother of two and former science teacher, has been decorating the sidewalks of her community with funny illustrations depicting Disney characters during times of social distancing.

One of her drawings depicts Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, reminding people that there is “no place like home.” This is an important reminder to folks to stay home during the quarantine. Another shows Rapunzel bragging about her social distancing abilities.

“Laughter is the best medicine,” Drake says. “We could all use a little bit of humor right now, I think.”

Drake got her inspiration to draw the cartoons after she saw other illustrations on social media and news stories of people using sidewalk chalk to spread hope and encouragement.

Drake also says that her sidewalk drawings have become a welcomed source of therapy and stress relief for her during the shutdown. She understands that her offerings do not have the same impact as other national efforts, but she hopes her drawings can at least bring some happiness to her neighbors.

“We need a mental break every once and a while from this. I know some people are sewing masks and donating things so even though this isn’t as important as those things, it still has a role. If somebody can just smile as they’re walking down the street and for a second kind of break out of the sadness of the moment and the fear, I think that’s a win.”