Meet The Senior Citizen Cheerleaders In Japan Who Are Proving Age Is Just A Number

When you hear the word "cheerleaders," you might first think of a group of the prettiest, most popular teenaged girls in high school. Or Bring It On. But not if you're talking about the Japan Pom Pom cheerleading troupe - they're not in high school and they're definitely not teenagers.

Japan Cheerleaders 3

It was 20 years ago when 84-year-old Fumie Takino founded the troupe to help her stay in shape and keep her mind sharp as a tack, saying that cheerleading blew her mind.

Nowadays, they're still kickin' (literally). The average age of the bubbly ladies on the squad is 70, though those as young as at least 55 could make the cut. Shinko Kusajima, a gal in her late sixties, hopes to join.

"When you get old, you keep losing friends," she said. "But you always have mates here to share a good time."

Japan Cheerleaders 2

Japan Pom Pom performs up to 50 shows a year! So you know these ladies are always on top of their game at a moment's notice.

"Being in the Poms, I think you really have to push yourself, said Nancy Walker, a 64-year-old. "You have to get out of your comfort zone and do something you didn't think you ever could do."

Cheers to you, grannies!