Man Creates Hot Tub In A Dump Truck

A carpenter created a makeshift hot tub for his partner while she is unable to go to the spa, using a rusty dump truck.

Dave Eastwood has been building a new home in Honley for the last two years. He and his partner Helen Kettleboroguh have had to live in their garage. Because of these strange living arrangements, Kettleborough only has access to a shower and has been unable to relax in the bath tub.

Dave managed to turn the dump truck into a temporary spa during quarantine, by filling the bucket up with water and shower gel.

Though there is no electricity, Dave created the bubbles using a hand drill with a plastering attachment to drive some air in the liquid.

Once the water warmed up, Helen climbed into the bucket of the truck with a ladder. She enjoyed her soak with a nice bottle of white wine.

“It was absolute heaven to me. It was really lovely to relax. We’ve just been using a shower in the garage so to have a soak was really nice.”

“We’ve been in the garage for two years now, so I had been complaining about the lack of bath so Dave decided to shut me up.

“Once I was in there, I didn’t want to get out. I stayed in for a good half an hour, once I had finished my wine.

“We even had some walkers go by the house while I was in there and said it looked nice. We might have to look at renting it out when the house is finished. It had to have a couple of days of sun to warm the water up. We’d filled it up on the Saturday and finally got in on the Monday.

“Just to make sure, i had a shower first so I was already a bit wet and it meant it wasn’t as cold. We’ll be filling it back up when it is a bit warmer. I’ve already told Dave that when the weather gets a bit better, he needs to fill that bucket back up.”

Helen said that once she got out of the “tub” they dumped the water over the plants so they wouldn’t waste anything.

“It was really nice to be out in the countryside too. Because we’ve been in the garage, I haven’t been able to enjoy the views because the windows are so small.

“We started building the house two years ago. We would have been in the house sooner, but because of Coronavirus, we haven’t been able to get builders to sort the plasterboard or fit the kitchen.”