Man Celebrates 38 Years Of Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

In Canada, a dedicated Dungeons & Dragons fan is celebrating a huge anniversary--38 years of the same campaign.

Robert Wardhaugh began this campaign of the popular role-playing game in 1982 with just four players in the group.

“The players control their character, but that’s all they control,” Wardhaugh said to CNN. “I control all the other aspects, whether it’s the weather, whether it’s the setting, anything they’re facing.”

Wardhaugh, the Dungeon Master, has currently been running the game in sessions ranging from two to four hour Zoom calls with 60 active players.

Wardhaugh explained that the game began by following the original set of rules from the 1982 version of the game, but has since evolved to form its own set of rules as the campaign has gone on over time.

“My game is very different from the official Dungeons & Dragons rules. It’s a rule system that has developed and is constantly developing, constantly changing and constantly getting better.”

The long-running Dungeon Master believes that his game is likely a record for Dungeons & Dragons, stating that he doesn’t believe another game even comes close.

“One of the things that sets my game apart from all other games is that the only thing that’s going to limit it, I suppose, is my lifespan.”