Man Accidentally Ejects Himself From Plane

During a surprise outing in a military fighter jet, a defense company executive accidentally ejected himself from the plane while flying at speeds of 320 mph. Authorities in France have been investigating the situation.

The 64-year-old man got the least pleasant plane ride of his life after the force of the take-off made him float out of his seat. This made him stand up and involuntarily grab the ejection handle to balance himself.

Air officials found that a series of errors lead up to the incident. The passenger had previously been warned that he should not undergo the 3.7g of force that was generated at the take-off and that the seatbelts in the plane were loose and would force him to float up.

The man stated that he had no previous military aviation experience and never expressed any desire to fly in a fighter jet. The gift had been a present from his colleagues and he did not feel comfortable refusing them. His heartbeat was accelerated, beating between 120-145 beats per minute.

The man ejected himself out a two-seater Dassault Rafale B jet after the aircraft reached 1,300ft, just seconds after take off. Luckily, his parachute deployed and he had a relatively smooth landing before being taken to the hospital for treatment. He did, however, lose his helmet while plummeting through the air.

The pilot of the aircraft was able to avoid being automatically ejected from the plane and was able to manage a landing despite the involuntary ejection of his passenger and the loss of the cockpit canopy.