Live Underwater In These Awesome Floating Seahorse Homes

Ever find yourself wanting to be surrounded by the beauty down under? With Dubai's new "Floating Seahorse" home, now you can wake up to clear-blue water and vibrant sea life every day.

Seahorse Home - Feature

Dubai developer Kleindienst Group first revealed the stunningly beautiful, floating homes in March 2015. Now, 131 of them are being built and you can get yourself one for $2.8 million. The company is planning to build even larger, floating homes for families and groups at a whopping $12 million.

Seahorse Home - Bed

The cheaper version of the home makes up about 270 square feet on the inside and took more than 5,000 hours of research and 13,000 hours of design and engineering to create. Each structure comes with three levels: an upper deck, main floor at sea level, and an underwater level, including a master bedroom and bathroom with panoramic views of the 2-million-square-foot coral reef. Residents can even see actual seahorses in the Gulf! A step ladder will also be installed to offer a safe entry and exit for those who want to take a dip with the fish. The six times as expensive "Signature Edition" homes will include more than 4,000 square feet of space over three floors.

Seahorse Home - Tub

The floating homes will be located around two and half miles away from the shores of Dubai, so residents will have to reach their home via boat or seaplane.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.