Leave It To Amazon To Open A Grocery Store Without A Checkout Line

Folks living in Seattle, Washington have a real treat - literally and figuratively. Online mega-retailer Amazon almost set to open its first grocery store, Amazon Go. But unlike any other, you won't find any checkout lines.

From what we know in the company's press release, Amazon Go will completely change the shopping game with the use of artificial intelligence and a mobile app. When a visitor sets foot inside the 1,800-square-foot space that includes all sorts of items, they can grab what they need and then simply walk through electronic turnstiles and straight out the door. The app performs the checkout and tracking sensors keep tabs on the shoppers and items, which means the AI system knows when someone puts an item into their cart or back on the shelf.

The company calls it "Just Walk Out Technology," and they've been working on it for the past four years!

Check out the video below to learn more!