LearJet Retrofitted Into Ultimate Party Bus

One thing that signals wealth better than anything else is owning a private jet. For Frank DeAngelo and Dima Kashevatsky, the sky was the limit. So, the business partners recruited Dan Harris to retrofit their 90-foot, ruby red Learjet into an ultra sleek limousine.

Resulting in 40,000 hours of work over the span of 12 years, the Limo-Jet can hold up to eight passengers in the custom designed Learjet fuselage.

DeAngelo said the unique limousine cost well over $1 million to build due to the high quality resources used during the project. Parts were taken from numerous vehicles, along with a reinforced aluminum jet body using a steel chassis. The Limo-Jet uses Jeep lights and uses pick-up truck suspension, in addition to the multiple custom-made pieces.

“We’ve had people pull over on the side of the road, and they’ll get out of the car and videotape the limo. They treat it almost like it’s a celebrity, which is exciting. It’s really accomplishing what we set out to do with it,” DeAngelo said.

Even more amazing is the way the Limo-Jet actually moves. Using a Vortec V8 engine, the Limo-Jet tops out at 100mph, a pretty impressive speed considering that the vehicle weighs a whopping 12,000 pounds and has a tail fin 12 feet off the ground.

“I like to guess something over 40,000 man-hours have been invested in the Limo-Jet. People can’t believe how massive it is when it’s coming down the street,” DeAngelo said.

The Limo-Jet was designed to be the ultimate party experience. Despite the vehicle having no wings in order to be street legal, the jet engines still remain on either side, housing the Limo-Jet’s exterior sound system. The speakers can be revealed by a motorized cover.

Up the illuminated stairs into the Limo-Jet, things get even more swanky. The pilot sits in a single-seat cabin. On a custom dashboard, there are four video panels that act as the rearview mirror. In the back, there are custom-made leather benches for passengers to relax in during their ride. The “Infinity Floor” below can be lit up by the driver using a special toggle switch, designed to keep the aircraft feel.

“We knew it was going to be tricky because everything is curved, so we couldn’t use any of the templates," DeAngelo said. "We had to hand-make everything. From the center console that sits in the dash, to the upper console where all the switches are, all the way back to the roof. We had to use special bending products--bending glass, bending wood.”

The Limo-Jet is available to be rented anywhere in the United States. However, if you’re looking to buy the Limo-Jet, the selling price is a steep $5 million.

“The ultimate goal is to build more, and we’d like to make them a unique experience,” said DeAngelo. “There won’t be many of them because they take so long to produce, but it’s definitely something we’re targeting. I tell people all the time, I was either smart enough or dumb enough to jump headfirst into the project. I don’t have any regrets, even though it took a long time. I’m happy that we’re here now.”