Japanese Man Sets Record For Most Cans Stuck To His Face

Shunichi Kanno of Japan is a little different than most people about where he sticks his cans. Most people would think to pour out cans into a glass, but he prefers to stick them to his face. He recently has broken the record for the most drink cans placed on the head using air suction.

Kanno discovered his unique abilities during middle school.

“Everyone thought I had a big forehead, so I thought I could do something unique with it," he said.

When he first began, he was only able to get one can to stick to his forehead. But as he developed his talents, he was able to find more spots on his face to stick cans. He did not know that there was a world record set for this talent until he discovered the video of previous title holder Jamie Keeton.

“I was searching online to see if anyone else can do this--and I found this guy who can stick eight cans,” Kanno said.

He soon became obsessed with beating Keeton’s goal and began to work diligently to increase his ability to hold three cans up to nine. It took about six months worth of training to be able to achieve his goal.

Kanno often goes out in his favorite neighborhood, the Golden Gai, displaying his Guinness World Record plaque proudly.

“Everyone who sees it, no matter where they are from in the world, recognizes it. And when I show them my skills to them, they get excited. It’s a real icebreaker.”

Kanno said he has gotten in touch with Keeton, who said he has plans to reclaim his title by adding more cans. There could be a friendly rivalry in the near future between the two. Kanno, however, is setting his focus on obtaining the record for the most drink cans placed on the body using air suction.

“It’s more difficult to stick cans onto my body than to my head. I need to not only practice, but also do workouts to make my body more suited for the attempt.”