Famous Paintings Have Been Turned Into Eyelid Art, Thanks To This Makeup Artist

If anyone knows how to make a statement with makeup, it's Stefania Atupe, a self-taught aspiring makeup artist who's been showering Instagram feeds with her masterpieces. And we're not talking about covering up her blemishes - this gal is recreating famous paintings on her eyelids!

With the power of makeup, the London-based 16-year-old has put together looks inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night and Almond Blossom, as well as Hokusai's The Wave.

"I created the looks using Nyx colourful liners as well as some eye shadows I had lying around at home," she told Mashable.

But surely, it wasn't a quick process.

"I ... just sat down and spent a good hour and a half just recreating the look," she added in regards to her Starry Night recreation. "Slowly outlining it and developing the colours! It took really long as there's so many different colours, and I really wanted to try get all the same colours and patterns as in the original painting."

And her followers are loving every detail!

"I am thoroughly SHOOK," wrote Instagram user taylerbranson in regards to Atupe's rendition of The Wave.

Her Almond Blossom masterpiece has been called "beautiful," "amazing," and "absolutely stunning" by some of her other fans too.

So next time you're too caught up with your busy lifestyle to visit a museum, just see if Atupe has a new look!