This Glass Walkway In China Hugs A Cliff With A Terrifying Drop

If you're a thrill-seeker who's constantly looking for your next adventure, the Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk in China is the place for you. The only thing you'll be worried about is whether or not to look down.

China Cliff - 3

The 100-meter-long glass walkway hangs 4,600 in the air and wraps around the side of the enormous Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, leaving you to see absolutely everything below you. Like some petrified visitors, you can grasp the railing and never look down or take the more adventurous approach and take a seat to pose for a selfie.

China Cliff - 4

The walkway overlooks Tongtian Avenue, a road with 99 turns that snakes its way up the mountainside, and isn't even the first of its kind in China. The world's longest glass-bottom bridge was recently constructed in the area and French company Poma designed cable cars to take you on a ride straight to the top of the mountain.

Daredevils, unite!