China Is Constructing the World's Largest Soccer Stadium

With stay-at-home orders lifting in parts of the world, China is back to work on a $1.69 billion soccer stadium. The project is on track to be completed by 2022 and will be the largest soccer stadium in the world.

The stadium will become home to the Guangzhou Evergrande Club and will be built in the shape of a lotus flower. It will hold 100,000 seats, 169 VIP boxes, and entertainment and dining areas. It will also have a dedicated FIFA area that will make it the largest soccer-only stadium and the fourth largest stadium in the world.

The stadium ranks fourth behind the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium, and the Rungrado 1st May Stadium in North Korea.

China hopes that the stadium will be completed in time for the 2023 Asian Cup. American architect Hasan Syed designed the new stadium and produced renderings of what football fans can expect to see.