This Cambodian Company Will Make A Personalized "Cloud" Just For You

The clouds over Cambodia are making waves across the globe for their whimsical shapes, and it's all thanks to Khmer Cloud Making Service, a startup company that creates custom "clouds" from peace signs and stars to hearts and snowflakes. But how?

Clouds - Variety

The trick is a concoction of soap and helium. A mixture of suds is blown upwards through a fan with a specially-made stencil that pushes the packed bubbles into a shape. Once the cloud rises, someone nearby slices it off with a stick to release it into the sky. The machine is capable of making three to five of these sudsy, white pillows in one minute.

"Our mission is to fill the sky above your house with flying bubbles in your favorite shape and size, to add fun and glamour to your event," the company states on there website.

The soap is said to be biodegradable, and Khmer Cloud donates 5 percent of its sales to underprivileged children in Cambodia.

Local cloud-seekers can hire the four-person staff for around $500 for an afternoon, though the company said it's not opposed to shipping overseas. Want to make your own? You can buy your own supplies, including a machine for $999, through the company's Facebook page!