Asia Set To Combat Greenhouse Gas Emissions With Stunning 'Vertical Forests'

Come 2018, you'll see a whole lot more than steel framework and glass windows towering over Nanjing, China. In fact, things are about to turn very green with trees and plants blanketing buildings to create 'vertical forests.'

china vertical forests

With the help of Italian architecture firm Stefano Boeri Architetti, which has already designed green skyscrapers in Italy (pictured above) and Switzerland, China's new green tower project will not only look absolutely beautiful, it'll fill the city with about 132 pounds of oxygen every day and suck up a whopping 25 tons of carbon dioxide each year!

The two buildings that will make up Nanjing Green Towers will span a combined 64,000 square feet and feature 1,100 trees from almost 24 local species. They'll also boast 2,500 plants and shrubs.

china vertical forests

The tallest of the two vertical forests will stand 656 feet high and include a museum, offices, a green architecture school, and even a private rooftop club. Soaring at 354 feet, the smaller building will feature a Hyatt hotel with nearly 250 guest rooms and rooftop swimming pool. And underneath, visitors can check out a food market, retail stores, restaurants, and a conference hall.

Think these vertical forests are eye candy? Your jaw will drop when you see this incredible structure that scares the pants off tourists in China!