A Soap Company Coated Outdoor Ads In Bacteria Grown From Everyday Items

In a brilliant effort to remind us all that we need to wash our hands, Unilever soap brand Lifebuoy and design firm The Electric Factory created shopping mall advertisements that are covered in bacteria swabbed from items we use every day so passersby can see the grime grow right before their eyes.

The enlisted team of microbiologists extracted bacteria from things like household bills, smartphones, gaming consoles, and dollar bills to demonstrate on a very large scale the amount of bacteria and fungi that grows on them over the course of a few days. Basically, the ads are giant petri dishes. And while the end result might look beautiful and cool, it's disgusting knowing this is how we live.

However, us humans are already immunized to most of these bacteria. But it's certainly possible that some could carry dangerous diseases.

For now, the grimy ads are only running in Uruguay's shopping malls, but Lifebuoy plans to roll out more in other South American countries and eventually expand the effort worldwide. Learn more and see it in action below!