A Heinz Beanz Ad Was Banned In The UK For Dangerous Behavior

Kids, don't try this at home. That's essentially the message British ad watchdogs are trying to get across for banning a Heinz baked beans ad in which people use empty cans for drumming.

While the ad is undoubtedly heartwarming, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and just nine others believe that drumming on empty cans could lead to injuries. And that's despite Heinz covering a tutorial in the first few seconds telling you to cover the can's sharp edges with tape.

"The ad condoned and encouraged behaviour that prejudiced health or safety," the ASA said. "Particularly given the manoeuvres required, it might still be possible that mistakes could be made with an empty can, which might include a hand or fingers being inserted into an open tin, with the associated risk of cuts."

The ASA's ruling not only forced Heinz from broadcasting the advert in its current form again, but also prohibits the company from making future ads or films that feature playing music while using open tin cans.

What do you think about the #CanSong? Check out the ad.