A Group Of Grandmas Explore The Ocean Looking For Venomous Snakes

While some retirees might choose to sit and relax during their golden years, seven grandmothers are taking this time to explore the seas and chase after venomous snakes.

The Fantastic Grandmas is a volunteer-based research group that is made up of retired women who have a passion for science. They help local researchers learn about the snakes in Lemon Bay, New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

These grandmothers are the only volunteers to conduct this type of research on behalf of researchers at the University of Caledonia. Claire Goiran, a sea snake researcher, believed that prior to the first expedition in 2017, there were only a few different types of sea snakes in the area. Amazingly, the Fantastic Grandmas have documented over 260 different species of sea snakes and their roles in the ecosystem since 2017.

A member of the group, 70-year-old Monique Mazière, has been retired for about 10 years. When asked why she and her fellow senior pals were conducting such dangerous research, she responded, “And why not grandmothers? We could think grandmothers are only good for making jam or knitting, but not us. This is our sport.”