A Company In New Mexico Is Turning Ashes Into Dinnerware And More

You can do almost anything with the ashes of human remains these days, whether it's turning them into a growing tree, sending them off into the deep depths of space, or turning them into ammunition. And thanks to a company in New Mexico, now you can turn your loved one's ashes into ceramic dinnerware and furnishings.

Founded by artist Justin Crowe, Santa Fe company Chronicle Cremation Designs can turn ashes into ceramic objects like mugs, bowls, candleholders, and vases. All it takes is about one cup, or 100 grams, of your loved one's dust.

The idea for the business came from a project in which Crowe purchased 200 human bones from a bone dealer and crushed them into a fine powder, coated them with a glaze, and created a dish set for a dinner party of more than 200 people. Ever since, people have been requesting that he turn their relatives' ashes into something special for themselves.

"Integrating someone’s ashes into ceramics is a way of infusing their memory into everyday life," Crowe told The Guardian. "So you can have coffee every morning with the memories of your grandfather, or have a bowl on the table to spark stories at family dinners."

See a glimpse of the process below!